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All @mitter-io packages publish generated documentation for their source. The links for the same are listed below:
NOTE @mitter-io/web package includes breaking changes that currently render all versions prior to AND including 0.5.10 in a non-working state. Please update your web package to 0.5.11-1 for all dependant packages.
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Using the docs

The @mitter-io/models contains the shape for all of the objects used across the SDK. When facing a method signature/class definition, any referring types usually can be found in the models package. For example, in @mitter-io/core, in the getMessages call the doc looks like:
The referring type ChannelReferencingMessage can be found in the @mitter-io/models docs for ChannelReferencingMessage.
Usually, you'd get an instance of type or an extension of MitterBase (as defined in @mitter-io/core) by using one of the static methods for your platform:
import { Mitter } from '@mitter-io/node'
const mitter = Mitter.forNode('.. application id',
accessKey: '..your access key..',
accessSecret: '..your access secret..'
The documentation for the forNode function can be found here
import { Mitter } from '@mitter-io/web'
const mitter = Mitter.forWeb('.. your application id ..')
The forWeb method is documented here
import { Mitter } from '@mitter-io/react-native'
const mitter = Mitter.forReactNative('.. your application id ..')
The forReactNative method is documented here
Both the methods as shown above return a platform specific extension of MitterBase which is defined in @mitter-io/core. The exact operations available based on the platform can be referred here:
  1. 1.
    For node.js - MitterBase Reference TSDocs
  2. 2.
    For web and react-native - Mitter Reference TSDocs
Specific clients can be fetched on both of these objects using the Mitter.clients() method which returns a MitterClientSet from which different clients can fetched for performing API calls. You can refer the methods section in this page to get a list of clients that are returned by the client set.
NOTE We currently do not automatically hyperlink types across the different packages. We are working on a solution towards this problem and will try to publish the new docs with hyperlinks soon. We apologize for the inconvenience.