Get the current user details

Now, go to your main ViewController which is the ViewController.swift file under your project.

Inside the viewDidLoad() function, get a reference to your AppDelegate instance by adding the following line:

let appDelegate = UIApplication.shared.delegate as! AppDelegate

Now, you can easily make a call to Mitter and see the currently authenticated user details by calling the getCurrentUsers() function on the Mitter.Users object.

This can be done like this:

                appDelegate.mitter.users.getCurrentUser {
                    result in
                    switch result {
                    case .success(let user):
                        print("Current User is: \(user)")
                    case .error:
                        print("Unable to get user!")

Now, press ⌘R to run your project in any iPhone simulator.

If everything’s setup according to the previous steps, you should be able to see the currently authenticated user details printed to your console log inside Xcode.

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