Welcome to Docs. This short guide will help you cruise around our documentation without breaking your head.
This documentation is split into 3 broad categories for easy access:
  • Platform Reference - where you can learn more about the platform and the core concepts
  • Getting Started - where you can learn how to quickly whip up apps using for Android and the Web
  • SDKs - where you can explore our SDKs in depth and take full advantage of what they have to offer
Head over to the Get page and get the platform running on your machine.
When running the container
You will have to change the endpoint when using our SDKs to and endpoint serving the docker container. This depends on which ports you have exposed and how you are accessing your docker installation. Refer to the individual SDK documentation on how to override the default API endpoint.
If using the cloud sandbox
You can use the SDKs without changing the API URLs. They by default point to the cloud sandbox.
If you’re new to, we would recommend you start by looking into the Getting Started section and get a hands-on idea of how works.
After that, you can browse around the core platform concepts to learn more about the platforms and all the APIs that we expose for our service.
Lastly, check out the SDKs section to see how you can leverage the platform features in your app without putting in too much effort writing boilerplate code.
This flow should get you accustomed to and how it works. Nevertheless, feel free to browse around as you feel is best for you.
Want a more detailed guide to the platform and how to build with it? Watch our webinars here!
We're excited to see what you build with!