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Send a plain Text Message

Sending a plain text message is really simple. Just call the sendTextMessage() function on the Mitter.Messaging instance and pass a channel ID and text payload.
forChannel: "rakfT-XPdJb-WsucS-Pxy4B",
"Hello from iOS!"
) { result in
switch result {
case .success:
print("Message sent!")
case .error:
print("Couldn't send message")
Here you can specify the channel ID that you got while creating a new channel in the previous step.
Run the project and it should send out a new message to the channel.

Get messages in a channel

You can get messages sent to a particular channel by calling the getMessagesInChannel() and passing in the channel ID:
appDelegate.mitter.messaging.getMessagesInChannel("rakfT-XPdJb-WsucS-Pxy4B") {
result in
switch result {
case .success(let messages):
print("Messages: \(messages)")
case .error:
print("Couldn't fetch messages")
Run the project and you should be getting a list of messages printed to your console log.