Build Your First Web App

NOTE The Getting Started docs show you how to build your first app with our cloud-hosted sandbox only.

To use it with your docker container, simply change the base API Url (when creating the mitter object) to the address of your running docker container.


Before we get started with this tutorial, let’s have a quick primer on what is and what are we going to build in this tutorial.

What is is a messaging platform which allows you to build apps around messaging. You can treat a message as something more than just an envelope for text with our platform.

What are we going to build?

In this tutorial, we’re going to build a simple chat app that allows private replies to specific participants in a group.

Where's the repository for this project?

You can find the complete project hosted on GitHub. Feel free to clone the repository and play around.

Tell me more!

Want a detailed guide to building with the platform? Watch our webinars here!

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